Friday, 18 May 2012

Paris October 2011

When I travelled to Paris, I conducted a photo shoot of the stunning architectural beauty of the city. This was the first time I visited Paris, and straight away I fell in love with the city. What I love about these Photographs is the black and white effect, to me, it gives the image passion and provides excitement within it, in my opinion something that you not always able to achieve in a coloured photograph. Here are a sample of the images from the Paris Photo shoot. 

'The Streets of Paris 001'

'Life on the bank of the Seine River'

'The dark side of Notre Dame'

'The celebrations of Notre Dame 001'

'The celebrations of Notre Dame 002 (Black and White)' 

'Life in the Park of Paris'

'The colourful side of the Pompidou Centre'

'The bathing Pigeons in Paris'

'The narrow street of Paris'

'Eiffel Tower'

'The Pont des Arts'

'Paris in the Rain'

'The Eiffel Tower on Camera 001'

'The Eiffel Tower on Camera 002'

'The Old Street of Paris'

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